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Q What kind of smartphones and their cases can I use with iMarvel?
A Your smartphone or its cover should have flat backside to put it on iMarvel. Some materials are not proper to stick it to iMarvel. So please check whether your smartphone or its case can be attached to iMarvel before using it.
Q What kind of materials can I stick iMarvel to?
A Its backside can be attached to glass, wood, steel, plastic and tiles. However, iMarvel may not be completely attached to such materials without smooth or flat surfaces. So please check the surfaces before using it.
Q How long can my smartphone hold onto iMarvel?
A Although your smartphone will not be separated from iMarvel once attached but please remember that iMarvel is not designed to fix your smartphone completely but to hold it for a while. So you need to be careful as its adhesion may gradually become weak.
Q How long can I use iMarvel?
A Its durability may vary depending on frequency of repeated use and other environmental factors such as temperature and humidity. So each product may have different durations for use.
When you feel that the adhesion of iMarvel is not that strong, clean it with water and dry it out to restore its adhesion.