• What is iMarvel?

    I am a marvelous thing.


    iMarvel is a versatile, practical and aesthetically good looking product that will bring extra convenience to your life.

    iMarvel will make you enjoy the freedom to use both of your hands while putting your smartphone on a smooth and flat surface in different places and situations of your life and its stylish design will also serve as part of your interior props.

  • iMarvel Story













    iMarvel is a collaboration between technical skills of Winic and decent designs of an illustrator named Geumhwang, and part of her artworks applied to iMarvel products are displayed in Creative Talking Gallery at COEX Aquarium.

    We have combined convenient functions with paintings by Geumhwang to create iMarvel with handy functions and decent designs.

    Geumhwang always thinks of people who will feel comfortable and happy with her works before starting to draw.

    So we also hope you can feel comfortable and happy with paintings on iMarvel.

  • iMarvel is the world's most marvelous & awesome smartphone holder.

  • iMarvel


    8 Months of Development


    7 Prototypes


    10,000 Trials and Errors


    Tested Simultaneously in 5 Different Countries


    Tested by 100 Persons


    Finished with 9 Processes

    It took more than 8 months to create iMarvel from planning, sample and prototype production, tests with various conditions to official release. There may be something similar to iMarvel in the market but ‘iMarvel’ is the only one tested with various conditions for long.

    We created iMarvel with a concept to make you feel comfortable and fun while using it.

  • iMarvel Design

    iMarvel was designed based on shapes and forms of different smartphones and its both ends were rounded to deliver the feelings of those paintings on it and we have done a series of tests in order to make iMarvel appropriate for all kinds of smartphones with different form factors.

    iMarvel for Life

    - The product colors may differ from what you see on your monitor. -

  • Specifications

    • Model : iMarvel
    • Size: 75mm X 150mm
    • Thickness : 1.2T
    • Weight : 20g
    • Material : Polyurethane, Acrylic form
  • How to use


    Stick - Hold - Use - Removal

    • Remove the protective film on the back, stick it to things made of wood or glass and then remove the protective film on the front.
    • Press your smartphone on iMarvel ‘a little bit hard’ to make sure that your phone was attached to iMarvel completely and then let the phone hang on it. You will understand what it feels like after a few repetitions.
    • When you stick your phone in a vertical position, do not let the camera of your phone attached.
    • Use your both hands when removing your phone from iMarvel.
    • The backside of iMarvel will gradually be more adhesive.
    • When you remove iMarvel, make some spaces by holding the both ends and then stripping it off slowly.
    • Your phone will not be sticky after removing it from iMarvel.

    iMarvel no.2

    Hope is like a lighthouse for the dark times of life.

  • iMarvel in Your Life

  • Your Lifestyle Item, iMarvel

    In your bedroom

    You no longer need to place your smartphone on your bed or on the floor, place iMarvel on the bed or on a desk next to the bed..

    In your bathroom

    Nowadays, people usually bring their smartphones to bathrooms. So please do not worry about where to put your smartphone in the bathroom. Just place iMarvel on bathroom tiles.

    In your kitchen

    If you need recipes or want to watch dramas while washing dishes, the only thing you need is iMarvel.

    In your car

    If you wonder where to put your smartphone in the car, use iMarvel. You can also put iMarvel on the headrest for your children at the backseat.

    ❖Do not stick on to Airbag panels.

    In your office

    You will no longer have to look for tiny things on your desk.

    iMarvel will be enough for you.

    At your dressing table

    Place iMarvel on the mirror of your dressing table to enjoy its subtle convenience.

    Watching videos

    Your hands always work for your smartphone! Use iMarvel to watch dramas, movies and sport games and let your hands be free.

    When you show videos in your smartphone to your children, do not hold the phone with your hands. Just stick iMarvel to things made of wood or glass.

    Video calls and Selfies

    You no longer need to stretch your hand out to have a video call and you can also make more and better expressions with iMarvel than holding your phone with hands.

    Playing musical instruments

    You can stick the smartphone to iMarvel and record videos of playing instruments while displaying scores on your smartphone.

    Restoring adhesion (cleaning)

    When you feel that the adhesion of iMarvel is not that strong due to dust or other substances on its front surface, clean it with water and dry it out to restore its adhesion.

    ❖ Adhesion: Adhesion refers to a force that makes it easy for you to stick your smartphone to and remove it from iMarvel which is different from cohesion for attachment only.

    Interior decoration

    iMarvel is an interior drawing that creates a nice view appropriate for any place.

  • Q&A

  • The Starry Lighthouse

    iMarvle no.1

    Hope is...

    iMarvle no.2

    The Eiffel Tower

    iMarvel no.3

    First love

    iMarvel no.4

    Girl over Flowers

    iMarvel no.5



    iMarvle no.6

    The Red Telephone Booth

    iMarvel no.7

    Who are you?

    iMarvel no.8


    iMarvel no.9



    (Nakupenda Africa)

    iMarvel no.10

    Fish in Wonderland

    iMarvel no.11

    Big Fish

    iMarvel no.12


    iMarvel no.13


    iMarvel no.14


    iMarvel no.15

    The Union Jack

    iMarvel no.16

    The Maple Leaf

    iMarvel no.17

    Spider's web

    iMarvel no.18

  • Cautions for Use

    • Please be careful as iMarvel may not be completely attached to things without flat surfaces.
    • Please be careful as smartphones with big sizes or heavy weights may not completely attached to iMarvel.
    • Do not put iMarvel to papers or painted walls to prevent damages and test it before using it to things made of special materials.
    • Please be careful as the adhesion may become weak at low temperatures.
    • Please be careful to use iMarvel in your car when it is too hot.

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